“Angela Aaron is a magnetic and wise woman who walks her talk in the world. She holds a beautiful balance of warmth as well as straightforward honesty. She has a deep capacity to be with a wide range of emotions. Angela is able to see the story beyond the story, helping people get to the heart of the matter. She draws on a wide variety of body-mind-energy tools to support people in becoming their best selves. I cannot say enough about my trust and confidence in Angela Aaron as a therapist and human being!”


Angela Aaron has a rare and immense capacity for holding space for the broad depth of our experience. She provides a container of safety and light as we explore the breadth of our journey as an authentic being full of tremendous brightness and harrowing darkness.”



“I knew before coming to Angela that I had something to work on. I just didn’t know what it was. She made sure I was comfortable in her office and she asked me some simple questions. Amazingly she pinpointed exactly what was bothering me and led me through a meditation and truly let me feel my emotions. By the end of the session I felt like I had totally transformed what had been holding me back for so long. Just one session with Angela seriously changed my life. I continue to use the meditation she led me through in my daily practice. She is kind, calm and very well-versed in her field. I highly recommend Angela to anyone who is serious about working through their difficulties with a safe but strong guiding hand.”



“Angela’s workshop brought up aspects of my own concept of ‘self’ that I hadn’t considered in years; childhood roles I used to enjoy that I had forgotten. It was also a chance to connect with my workshop partner, a man I had just met that morning, in a curiously deep way. Angela held the space for all of us in a graceful, gentle way, so that our unfamiliarity with this form of connection became an asset as we playfully explored each others’ identities.”


“I feel so much better since working with Angela. I have so much more energy, my depression/anxiety systems are null, I don’t have stomachaches nearly as much, and my relationship is growing in incredible ways… I would not be on this journey right now if it weren’t for Angela’s critical awareness of body & mind, her thoughtfulness in how she directed me to see the RIGHT doctor, and all of the other pieces of her skillset that I deeply respect. My partner and I are kickin’ serious couple’s therapy butt (based on yet another spot-on referral from Angela) and we’re even talking about moving into the next phase of our relationship. From the bottom of my heart, so much gratitude and love!”



“Angela is a gentle powerhouse, a practical magician, and a wise, young elder. Angela is a highly skilled therapist, facilitator, and space-holder. It’s inspiring to feel how much Angela loves what she does and who she does it with! Her creativity, joy, compassion, care, and devotion to her clients radiates through all that she does. She is also a highly intuitive, tapped-in practitioner with a strong connection to the Unseen world, which shines through all of her work. Angela’s keen tracking skills, ability to hold sacred space, powerful toolkit, and creativity make her a profound gift to anyone she works with. I can’t recommend Angela highly enough.”

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, MFA, CHT