Wilderness TherapyWhat is an “Eco Journey?” Lets start with the definition of ecology. e·col·o·gy: The interrelationship, totality, or pattern of relations between people and their environments. We interact with our environment every day. Our environments include where we live, where we work, whom we spend our time with, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with the earth.

Our ecological identities are vast, yet most of us do not take the time to see these interrelationships or attend to them accordingly. In order to gain balance in our lives, we need to look at all facets of our ecological identities and bring harmony to those relationships.

Your Eco Journey is unlimited and can include more traditional forms of psychotherapy, wilderness therapy, dream work, creative arts, and Reiki energy work, all of which I am passionate about sharing with you.

We’ll create your Eco-Journey together!

“If we are willing to be still and open enough to listen, wilderness itself will teach us.” ~Harper