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Angela J. Merrill is a psychotherapist and Reiki practitioner in Boulder, CO. She offers individual and couples counseling, energy healing and eco-journeys to help people transition through letting next level of beauty unfold in their lives.
1508, 2016

Perfectionism & the Search for Happiness.

By |August 15th, 2016|Blog, Personal Growth|0 Comments

At its best, perfectionism will keep you less than content for the rest of your life, and at its worst it can lead to major depression and eating disorders. It isn’t your fault. We fall prey to perfectionism all too easily in this culture. Expectations are too high from day one and consumerism demands it. We do need to take control back, however, and learn to lead perfectly imperfect lives that actually represent the infinite capacity we all have.
102, 2016

Technicolor Dreams: Finding Ourselves Through Dreams

By |February 1st, 2016|Blog, Dream Analysis, Personal Growth|0 Comments

As a therapist, I support my clients in working with their dream content as a way to gain insight and move through blocks in their lives. I am always fascinated when I hear someone say the words, “I don’t dream.” There is a little part of my heart that sinks every time I hear someone say this, because I think our dream world is an important and intimate part of our psyche that tries to communicate with us, when we are deep in slumber. I do trust that anyone who wants to access their dreams can do it.
2107, 2015

Love Yourself More: 5 Rules For Breaking Old Patterns & Getting Unstuck

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We all have moments of feeling stuck and unhappy. We get stuck in patterns of behavior, in relationships that are no longer serving us, in crappy jobs that we aren’t passionate about or in uncomfortable situations that make our skin crawl. It is easy to notice what we don’t like, but it is not always easy to change it. Here are five rules that I have found work like a charm when I am stuck. Might as well roll into the holidays and the New Year feeling empowered!
807, 2015

Why We’re Enough & Not Believing It Affects Our Relationships

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Not that long ago I was in a relationship with an incredible man. The relationship ended very abruptly, at least from my perspective (at the time). For all intents and purposes, this relationship looked pretty rock solid from the outside. I even felt like it was from the inside! I had created a checklist of my ideal partner and he pretty much fit the bill....
2306, 2015

Autumn As A Mirror

By |June 23rd, 2015|Blog, Wilderness Therapy|0 Comments

The Fall reminds me that just as the seasons ebb and flow, so do the cycles of my life. Fall is a time for remembering—a time for gratitude for how the year unfolded. Fall is a time for preparation. It is a time to bring closure to the year and prepare for the coming winter. I remember this year fondly. This is the year that I accepted the death of my father and my ability to continue a relationship with him in another realm.